What we do

We protect your business from hackers. Insider threats, train your employees, lower risk, improve the overall security of your business.

Day-To-Day Cybersecurity

What we’ll do:  Evaluate the new  daily threats that apply to your business.  Apply new security patches and updates  Audit all relevant logs  Coordinate with Vendors   Prevent Attacks “The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and is  intimidating and burdensome

Email Security

What we’ll do: Your users are trained on spotting phishing emails. Spam is reduced. Prevent Fraud protection SPF, DKIM, DMARC. Your email system is protected against new threats. Monitor and prevent information from entering and leaving your email system. Monitor

Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Training Essentials: Training must be ongoing and for every employee. Different levels of employees need different training. Combining phishing simulations with “lessons learned” training provides real world learning. Online interactive training is convenient and enables ongoing on-demand training. Training

Physical Security

What we’ll do:  Walkthrough and evaluation of physical security controls, both procedures, and actual controls.  Examine doors, locks, physical access controls, cameras, alarms.  Verify access logs, policies and procedures that govern physical security.  Verify how physical security processes integrate with

Computer Security

What we’ll do:  Ensure your devices are encrypted Deploy a Mobile Device Management system to manage your devices. Protect your device from malicious software such as malware, Viruses trojans. Approve the software you want on your computers and deny the

Network & Wifi Security

What we’ll do: Access control for the network. Ensure employees have access to stable internet, your guests can use your internet, and outsiders cannot get in. Monitor your network for any suspicious activity and monitor for stability Creating a backup

Administrative Cybersecurity

What we’ll do: Monitoring and verifying cybersecurity controls effectiveness Administrative & Management Controls Separation of Duties Principle of least Privilege Onboarding and Offboarding controls   See All Services  Contact Us to Get Secure & Stay Secure!

Vendor Security

What we’ll do:  Implement a vendor risk management program  Identify all your vendors and what they have access to.  Vendor Due Diligence Vet all Vendors   Prioritize Vendors Based on Risk “Many of the data breaches that have occurred, they