What we do

We consult and take action to prevent your business from a cyber attack or an insider threat. We train your employees, we improve your security posture.


Confidentiality ensures the necessary level of secrecy is enforced at each junction of data processing and prevent unauthorized disclosure.   How does Revamp ensure confidentiality? From business internal information to employee records  to customer data Revamp Cybersecurity: Prevents  accidental disclosure Prevent corporate


Is the data your business relies on accurate? How do you “know” for sure?   How does Revamp ensure accuracy and reliability of data? Encourage input validation, to prevent incorrect data entry. Implement audit trails. Protect the physical and logical security


Often overlooked. Availability a significant aspect of data security.  If you cannot reliably reach your resources or if the resource unavailable then accessing data is useless. What’s the goal of availability? From employee internet access to critical business functions to