Hacking Prevention

By the time you finish reading this sentence, someone somewhere has just got hacked. Whether it’s your business or your personal life you need expert help to keep your information and the things you care about safe

File Recovery

File Recovery Services


  • Recover accidentally deleted files
  • Recover files deleted intentionally
  • Recover files from a dead laptop or phone
  • Ensure your files are backed up

Electronics Destruction & Information Deletion


Guaranteed Digital Destruction

As everything we do involves electronics it is getting more and more difficult to destroy information and the devices that hold them. The resources and time that it takes to ensure that it is done properly continue to go up.

Wipe a computer or phone of all information and ensure it can’t be retrieved.

Social media search and deletion

Delete a hard drive

We incinerate devices.

Parental Controls


What is Parental Controls and why would you need them?

Parental Controls are settings which allow or deny someone from doing something on a computer or phone. So if you wanted to prevent a child from looking at adult content, hate information, or terrorist propaganda, parental controls is how you would do it.

Monitoring is also part of parental controls. Gps tracking, monitoring, etc… Read More


  • Iphone
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • All Browsers


Mobile Phone Security


Protect your phone from loss of information


  • Make sure everything on your phone is backed up.
  • Prevent someone from looking through your phone
  • Find your phone if you lost it
  • Make sure that if your phone has been stolen, none of your information is stolen.


Camera Installation


Know whats going on in your home


  • Setup Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras
  • Alerts
  • Know who enters and leaves your house
  • See people coming
  • Temporary or permanent setup
  • See whats going on at your home when you’re not there
  • Also, help improve your current security system



Digital Surveillance

What is Digital Surveillance?

Digital surveillance is the monitoring of behavior done on a  computer, cell phone, internet activity or recording of conversations This surveillance is not clearly visible or attracting attention or not conspicuous or in simpler words: Done without anyone’s knowledge.

Why would you want to use digital surveillance?


Monitor a significant other

Monitor a child

Monitor an elderly person

Find out if someone is stealing or using your stuff

Many other uses…


Home Security Audit


What is a Home Security Audit and why everyone needs one

No matter where you live, you’re at risk for vandalism, theft, many other malicious acts. A Home Security Audit identifies several risk points, and how to fix them


How is this checklist developed?

We continuously research new ways criminals are getting what they want and adjust our audit to ensure you know how you are affected and what you can do to prevent them from happening.

Cost: $30

Pay Here


Counter Surveillance


What is counter-surveillance?

Counter surveillance is any action to prevent from being spied on

    • Prevent someone from monitoring you
    • Prevent from being recorded without you knowing


Scan & Shred

Why would you shred your paper? Why wouldn’t you just throw it away?

The truth is, that most things can be thrown in the trash. You want to shred your important papers.


Fraud Protection


Scam Prevention & Fraud Research

People fall victim to scams all the time. Some of these scams are advanced and some are simple. Either way, you need some protection. I’m here to help.

Verify people you do business with are legit.
Verify businesses are legit.
Background checks
and more…


Home Window Tinting

Protect your privacy by tinting your windows. The purpose of Home window tint is to make it harder for people outside to see inside.

Operate freely in your home without any worries of people outside looking in.

Keep unwanted people from peeking in.

Make it difficult to see valuables from outside.

Keep the glaring sun and heat out of your house.


Social Media Protection & Removal

Protect your social media accounts

I can also delete your social media accounts. Permanently.