What we’ll do:

  •  Evaluate the new  daily threats that apply to your business.
  •  Apply new security patches and updates
  •  Audit all relevant logs
  •  Coordinate with Vendors


Prevent Attacks
“The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and is  intimidating and burdensome for even the most seasoned IT professionals to keep up. New threats are constantly popping up and this, coupled with ensuring the entire organization is competent in its security strategy, can cause major headaches.”


Cybersecurity Questions
    • Seen a article about some threat that is destroying businesses? Know if it applies to you.
    • Can I install this program? Whats the best way to share information with a contractor/consultant?
    • Does “this”action increase risk?
      We’re available to answer any of your  questions about your business. 



Keep Software & Hardware Updated
    • Ensure applications are updated
    • Ensure Computers are updated

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