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Poor cyber hygiene will get you hacked

Cyber Hygiene: Set of practices that prevent a security incident.Are you doing the day-to-day activities to prevent a security incident? Do you know what those activities are? Here are some cyber tasks that should be done daily: …… Read More »


How to pick a strong password

Simple passwords increase the risk of data loss. All users at your organization should know how to pick a strong password or generate one.Do you need a password manager? YES! …… Read More »

Protect your data in the event of a lost or stolen computer

If ever faced with a situation where your safety or the safety of others could be at risk. Chose life over property. You can replace electronics. not your life…… Read More »

Beware of downloading templates from the internet

Templates can be malicious. The internet is filled with templates. Templates for sales, contracts, project management, websites, NDA’s, and many many more…… Read More »

When will you have to notify law enforcement?

Most businesses in all industries are likely required to notify people or law enforcement or another governing body when a data breach occurs.  Ask yourself this question. Do you know when to call your local law enforcement,  fbi or secret service?…… Read More »

4 out of 5 of all companies use vulnerable technology to secure their offices.

There are countless statistics and studies on how many businesses are using vulnerable technology. Using outdated software and hardware exponentially increases the risk of data loss…… Read More »

Macs get ransomware too!

There are a lot more different types of malware for windows than mac. Don’t focus on Windows. If you use a mac, what you need to be concerned with is Can Macs get ransomware?….. Read More »

How to protect against ransomware

Make sure all your software up to date, including operating systems and applications.
Secure your email. Most ransomware gets delivered via mass email.
Have some kind of malware detection on computers and keep it updated….. Read More »

Can your business run on pencil and paper?

Hancock Regional Hospital has been forced to switch to pen and paper after a ransomware attack, crippled its computer system. The Hospital was able to continue care for its patients. The hospital had also experienced ransomware cases in the past…. Read More »

Planning for a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters happen, and when they do, chaos surrounds the interruption of businesses normal activities. Any event that stops or prevents or interrupts a business ability to perform its tasks is considered a disaster. Earthquakes, Floods, Storms, Fires, and other regional events… Read More »

Planning for a Man-Made disaster

Just like Natural Disasters, man-made disasters occur. These involve fires, acts of terrorism, power outages, utility failures, theft vandalism, or a labor crisis. Read More »