IT Support


We fix the problems that cause the problems.

Our approach

    • – Project Based IT. Migrations, Implentations, deprecations.


    • – Impeccable Follow up. Does your IT person follow up?


    • – Speed. The faster we can resolve issues the better for us and better and cheaper for you. 


    • – We’re not browsing social media waiting for the next support request. When there are no issues. You’re not paying us. Whats your IT person doing when there are no IT issues?


    • – Automation. We despise doing things manually. There is too much room for error and it takes too much time. If it can be automated, we’re automating it.


    • – Remote Support. Almost all the support problems can be done remotely.


    • – Onboarding & offboarding. New hires & terminations. We develop easy auditable, repeatable processes to ensure consistency.


    • – Reports. When was the last time you seen a report from your IT team?


    • – Assist with hiring IT support personnel for your organization, performing interviews, phone screens.

    • – Training your existing IT staff.

    • – Anything else you can throw at us.Contact Us

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