What is Phishing?

Phishing is where an online attacker attempts to masquerade as someone to trick you into giving up information.

Attackers leverage trust or create a sense of urgency to get you to take action.

    • – Phishing attempts create a sense of urgency. words like urgent, please contact us immediately, your account has been hacked, your account is disabled etc…


    • – Slow down. Phishing attacks rely on quick action to be successful. Think twice before acting.


    • – Be wary of all unsolicited messages.


    • – The Phish attempt may have poor grammar, tacky subject, strange email format.


    • – Also might be generic, Dear sir, Madam, Customer.


    • – The sender and the email address doesn’t match.


    • – Sloppy phishing attempts are generic, may not even apply to you, asking for a login that you don’t use.


    • – If you suspect your account might be hacked, login to the website yourself.


    • – Hover over the link to see if it is valid.


    • – Reputable sites will not ask you for personal information.


    • – Phishing emails will take advantage of every tragedy, natural disaster or headline.




Do not click, forward, download or reply to the message. The only action to take on a phishing email is click Spam and Delete.


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