Vendor Security

Vendor Assessments

Ask yourself.  How Well Do You Know Your Business Partners?

Most organizations do not know or cant quickly find the answer. Its best security practice that before vendors can get business from your organization, vendors are asked to fill out an extensive questionnaire detailing their security posture.

  • Why?
  • – You are only as strong as your vendor. Several data breaches have involved vendors of businesses. 
    – Customers trust your business. It’s important that your customers can trust the vendors you do business with as well. 
    – Vendors assessments often help vendors improve their own security, weaknesses, and gaps.


Vendor Questionnaires

Your customers and or vendors might require you to fill out a questionnaire. We know these questionnaires are lengthy, are likely holding up a sales deal, and might come with a wave of other questionnaires.  Our process can streamline the response and accuracy of these questionnaires as well as help with any concerns or problems. 


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To develop vendor assessments tailored to your organization (not generic templates) that accurately give you a plain  

Fill out those pesky Questionnaires from vendors and customers!